Be Fashion Academy - Bryce: A World of Creative Fashion and Design

Be Fashion Academy - Bryce:  A World of Creative Fashion and Design

Be Fashion Academy - Bryce: A World of Creative Fashion and Design

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Explore Bryce - Be Fashion Academy: A World of Creative Fashion and Design

Dive into the extraordinary world of the Be Fashion Academy, a collection of dolls like no other. Featuring five unique characters, each with an original style inspired by a myriad of influences, this collection redefines the art of play. Fashion takes center stage, as every doll comes accompanied by essential fashion lessons that introduce kids to the art of embellishing dresses, refining looks, and sewing on applique.

Bryce, a shining star in the Be Fashion Academy, draws her inspiration from the world of stage and music. Her designer fashion choices reflect a sense of glamour and allure, with stage costumes that truly stand out. She's the embodiment of star quality, sparkling in the spotlight and igniting a festive mood wherever she goes.

Be Fashion Academy Bryce isn't just about clothes; it's about ideas for self-expression, creativity, and endless possibilities. Children are encouraged to create their own unique outfits and accessories while engaging in imaginative play. With Bryce, they can step into the shoes of a fashion designer and bring their visions to life.
Young creative minds and budding designers can put their new knowledge into practice, express themselves through fashion, and unveil their hidden talents for designing. Join us and meet Bryce from the Be Fashion Academy, where fashion and creativity merge in the most spectacular way. It's time to let your imagination shine!

  • Poseable Design: This fashion doll boasts flexible knees and elbows, allowing for lifelike poses and creative play.
  • Eye-Catching Aesthetics: With acrylic eyes adorned with realistic lashes and distinctive thick blue hair styled in an eye-catching manner, this doll stands out in any collection.
  • Rockstar Vibes: Embrace a rockstar persona with a guitar accessory, perfect for jamming out and igniting imaginative musical adventures.
  • Chic Rocker Ensemble: The doll comes dressed in a fashionable outfit that includes a stylish top, a leather jacket, and trendy trousers, exuding a cool rocker style.
  • Creativity Unleashed: Enhance your fashion and design skills with a booklet offering a fashion lesson, enabling the creation of up to 4 unique looks. Plus, the set includes a fashion designer kit with a mannequin, a dress, and stencils for even more creative fun.