Be Fashion Academy - Cassie: A World of Creative Fashion and Design

Be Fashion Academy - Cassie: A World of Creative Fashion and Design

Be Fashion Academy - Cassie: A World of Creative Fashion and Design

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Welcome to the Be Fashion Academy - Cassie: A World of Creative Fashion and Design!

Experience the world of fashion and design like never before with the Be Fashion Academy, a remarkable and distinctive collection of fashion dolls. Our 5 unique characters are a testament to the boundless power of imagination, with each one showcasing an original style inspired by diverse sources of inspiration. With every doll, a world of creative possibilities unfolds.

At Be Fashion Academy, we go beyond just play. Our dolls come with invaluable fashion lessons, providing children with practical tips on how to embellish a dress, refine a look, and sew on appliqué. These lessons spark the flames of creativity, allowing children to explore incredible outfit ideas and craft their very own distinctive accessories.

But that's not all. The true magic of Be Fashion Academy is in encouraging children to become fashion designers in their own right. Through imaginative play, they're inspired to create unique designs and even sew new clothes for their cherished dolls. It's a platform for young creative minds and aspiring designers to cultivate their artistic potential, apply their newfound knowledge, and express themselves through the medium of fashion.

One of our standout characters, Cassie, embodies a certain mystique in her extravagant designs. Her fashion creations draw inspiration from the cosmos, the wonders of science, and all the magical, unexplainable things in-between. Cassie's style is akin to the brightly lit galaxies in deep space, with an aesthetic that captures the twinkle of shooting stars. Her look is nothing short of pure magic, inspiring young minds to explore the enchanting and limitless world of fashion design.

Join us at the Be Fashion Academy and let your child's creativity soar. We believe that fashion is not just clothing; it's a form of artistic expression and individuality. Unleash the talents for designing and discover the extraordinary world of fashion and design with Cassie and her fellow Be Fashion Academy characters. It's a journey of creativity and self-discovery that knows no bounds.

  • Flexible Poseability: Cassie's doll is designed with bendable knees and elbows, allowing for lifelike and dynamic poses during play.
  • Acrylic eyes in two different colors: Cassie's acrylic eyes come in two different enchanting colors – blue and green, accentuated by realistic lashes, making her gaze truly unique.
  • Curly Pink Locks: Her curly pink hair is not only fun to style but also adds to her distinctive and captivating appearance.
  • Stylish Cosmic Ensemble: Cassie comes dressed in a fashionable poofy dress adorned with cosmic prints, bringing a touch of the cosmos to the world of fashion.
  • Chic Accessories and Creativity: Accessorize her look with a headband, a choker, stylish shoes, and a handbag. To enhance creativity, a booklet with a fashion lesson is included, enabling children to create up to 5 different fashion looks. The package also features a fashion designer set with a mannequin, a dress, and a rope belt adorned with a set of beads for endless styling possibilities.