Be Fashion Academy - Kelia: A World of Creative Fashion and Design

Be Fashion Academy - Kelia: A World of Creative Fashion and Design

Be Fashion Academy - Kelia: A World of Creative Fashion and Design

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Introducing Be Fashion Academy - Kelia: A World of Creative Fashion and Design!

Discover a realm where creativity knows no bounds with Be Fashion Academy, an extraordinary and one-of-a-kind collection of fashion dolls. Each of our 5 characters embodies an original style, inspired by a wide array of influences. Beyond play, these dolls provide invaluable fashion lessons, imparting practical tips on dress embellishments, style refinements, and the art of sewing on appliqué. This hands-on approach sparks children's creativity, igniting their imaginations to craft incredible outfits and design unique accessories.

At Be Fashion Academy, we nurture the next generation of fashion designers and creative minds, empowering them to translate newfound knowledge into practical skills. Young talents are encouraged to express themselves through the language of fashion and unveil their hidden design potential.

Meet the Be Fashion Academy and explore a world where individuality reigns supreme!

Kelia, one of our captivating characters, is a beacon of inspiration for those looking to break the monotony of colors and infuse their lives with vibrancy. Her fashion choices reflect the fast-paced nature of the world, emphasizing the beauty of bright accents and unconventional styles. Her outfits are a mesmerizing tapestry of vibrantly colored patterns, exceptional style combinations, and fabulous embellishments that will leave you in awe.

But it's not just about what she wears; it's about the accessories that make her look truly exclusive. Kelia's style embodies the freedom of expression, showcasing how the source of new trends lies in being different and embracing one's unique self.

With Kelia and the Be Fashion Academy, you're not just playing with dolls; you're delving into a world where fashion is a canvas for self-expression and creativity. Unleash your uniqueness, and explore the endless possibilities that come with embracing your individual style. Kelia's fashion is just the beginning of your journey into the fascinating world of creative fashion and design.

  • Poseable Design: Kelia's doll is designed with bendable knees and elbows, allowing for dynamic poses and creative play.
  • Realistic Gaze: Her acrylic eyes are adorned with realistic lashes, adding a touch of authenticity to her expressive look.
  • Vibrant Green Locks: Kelia's long green hair is not only a standout feature but also an opportunity for endless styling fun.
  • Skateboard Adventure: Kelia comes with a skateboard, encouraging imaginative and adventurous play.
  • Stylish Ensemble and Accessories: Her fashion ensemble includes a crop top, a checked skirt, a jacket, and trendy socks. She's accessorized with 2 hair clips, sneakers, and stylish sunglasses. The package also includes a booklet with a fashion lesson that allows children to create up to 4 different fashion looks. For budding designers, there's a fashion designer set with a mannequin, a dress, and a set of shiny rhinestones for adding that extra sparkle to outfits.